Top 3 julienne fruits you won’t suspect

Yes, you also can make julienne peelings from fruits.

A few moths ago a have written an article “Top 5 julienne vegetables you won’t suspect”. Now it’s time for some unlikely fruits that are perfect for making julienne.

Which fruits to recommend?

There are a few things to keep in mind. For example they have to be quite hard. You also better take the less juicy ones. And if you want skin peelings you need fruits with a thick skin.


You take a banana and hold it firmly in one hand, with the other hand …. No just joking, you can’t make julienne from a banana. But the following fruits are ideal for the job.

1 . . . Citrus fruits

All the fruits of the citrus family qualify. You can use Oranges, Citrons or Lemons. Of course we are talking about the skin and not the orange flesh.

Why should you make peelings form a citrus? Orange zest is common used as flavoring. But the thicker julienne could be tart. But what do you think about using the skin for decoration on top of a dish or cocktails.

We suggest the 1Easylife Stainless Steel Lemon Zester Grater. Picture bellow.

1Easylife Stainless Steel Lemon Zester Grater with Channel Knife and Hanging Loop

But my favorite way of using them is making candy. You can boil them in sugar water. Afterwards they have to dry and they ready to use. You can eat them like this or use the julienne candy stripes as decoration on tarts, cakes and other sweet dishes.

2 Apples are great for making julienne

When you are making julienne strips from apples always use firm apples. My first pick are the sour green variety. Because I love a little acidity in my salads. the green contrast make the other fruits pop. But they are also great in a vegetable salad.

The easiest way to make julienne of apples is to slice them in two and start making julienne. If you like you can leave the skin. This gives a nice sharp green contrast with the rest.


3 Mango’s – where is the party?

One of my favorite! Don’t go to soft, you need firm mango’s. You can use it almost every dish, especially in exotic dishes.

The yellow color brights up every meal. My favorite? A cold salad with cucumber julienne, red onion strips, Whole wheat pasta, white beans and raw organic cashews.

Just mix the ingredients up and drizzle some home made hummus over the top.

You can add carrot julienne but I’m allergic so no carrots for me.



where to buy a julienne peeler

What is better a julienne peeler or spiralizer?

Julienne peeler versus The Spiralizer, which one is the best and wins the battle?

Actually they are both very different utensils with different functions and accompanying result. So lets compare the two bases on function – result – ease-of-use

First up is functionality

The julienne peeler as the word already states is a peeler that makes julienne. The julienne are short and straight an less bendy. The Spiralizer makes long noodles and I call them Vegetable spaghetti. They both use sharp blades that cut into the greens.

With the julienne peeler you can cut most everything that has a quite hard. For example carrots, parsnip, pumpkins, … And size doesn’t matter. But with the spiralizer size does matter. Because you have to put the vegetable inside the device. So you have to pick out cylinder-like greens that are not to big or you have to cut your own cylinders. And that takes up time, while the spiralizer suppose to be a time-saver.

Second, The result

The outcome is very different as you can see for your self. If you won’t fine vegetables for in a salad ore soup or just as a side dish you better go with the julienne peeler. If you are making a healthy spaghetti or a nice stir fry you may prefer the good old spiralizer.


And last, Ease-of-use

They are both very easy to use. But when it comes to cleaning I rather choose the julienne peeler above the other one. I also find the peeler slightly easier to use. Because it’s a simple tool you can’t do much wrong. And I think in the long run the peeler will survive the spiralizer.


I tend to the julienne peeler because of it’s so versatile. And I have simply more experience with the peeler. These are my two favorite julienne peelers on this moment. 


julienne peelers on sale - how to buy a julienne peeler

Where can I buy a julienne peeler

Where can I buy a julienne peeler? I had the same question. I didn’t want to buy online. So I searched store after store. It seems that a Julienne peeler is hard to come by if you are searching for it. But eventually I found one. It was the Rösle Julienne peeler. Rather expensive but a very good one.

So I ask myself what are the different options for buying a Julienne Peeler and maybe this will also be interesting for other people. So here we go.


Online buying

Although I was reluctant to buy online, the benefits for buying online change my opinion. The biggest benefit is the easy way to compare different prices in different online stores.

An other great benefit are the reviews of people who actually bought the peeler. Some julienne peelers have over 300 reviews from people who use the kitchen utensil every day. These reviews are golden for a buyers like you and me. Based on these reviews you can decide if the peeler is a perfect match for you.

An other benefit besides to the price comparison and the reviews are the extensive description. If you take the Precision Kitchenware peeler for example you can see that the description is very complete. And certainly more extensive than you would find on a packaging in a department store.

The last benefit I want to mention is the possibility to research the product online. Read reviews, ask questions on forums or watch review videos on Youtube. The possibilities to research the product are endless. Now I think about it, this also good be a disadvantage. Making a decision could be difficult with all that information online.

5 tips for buying online


  •  Use Familiar Websites, Start at a trusted site rather than shopping with a search engine. Search engines are good for research but when it comes to buying choose one you now. For example Amazon.
  • Look for the Lock, the lock is a sign that all transactions are encrypted. With other words, other people can’t see you your payment details and they can’t abuse your information
  • Decide if you want to buy one or a set, sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a set. For example, a julienne peeler and a normal vegetable peeler and maybe a kitchen knife. But if you won’t a high standard julienne peeler I recommend to buy it separately.
  • Quality and finishing,  ask your self “how many times am I going the use the peeler” and am I going to julienne lots and lots of vegetable all in ones?” Maybe A julienne peeler is not a good fit and a mandolin is better or an kitchen robot with the right blades that can maken julienne cut vegetables.
  • Look for promotions, Don’t buy the first one you find, do your research, compare prices, find out if there are extra’s (bundle sales) and last but not least watch out for sales and save money.

julienne peelers on sale - how to buy a julienne peeler,2817,2373130,00.asp

And than there is traditional brick and mortar store

Many big department stores like

where to buy a julienne peeler

have a kitchen department. Nine out of ten you can find a julienne peeler. The assortment differs between stores. Sometimes you can choose out of ten different peelers. But very often the choose is limited to one or two peelers.

Advantages of a traditional store

  • You can hold the peeler in your hand. Feel if it’s a perfect fit
  • You can also better judge if the quality is up to standard
  • You can easily return or swap the product


  • You can’t compare prices from different stores
  • Choose is sometimes limited
  • You have to drive to a store.

What is a julienne peeler

I’don’t know if you noticed but this site is all about julienne peelers. But until now I haven’t written a post about the julienne peeler it self. Yes, I have written many articles about julienne recipes and reviews about julienne peelers but not about the utensil it self.



First and for most what is a julienne peeler

Julienning is an culinary knife cut technic learned in chef schools. We understand under the art of julienning the following: cutting vegetables into long thin strips, similar to matchsticks. The perfect julienne cut measures ⅛ x ⅛ x 1 to 2 in (3 mm x 3 mm x 3 to 5 cm). The technic most of the time applied on vegetables but can also be applied on meat, fish, fruits. When it comes to julienne peelers I wouldn’t julienne meat or fish but only vegetables and some fruits.

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left handed potato peeler

Studies suggest that approximately 10% of the world population is left-handed. So I wondered are there left-handed potato peelers for sale.



Google Search results

So I started to google the search term “left handed potato peeler” and google came up with 2060 exact matches. Not so much but enough. Almost all of them a commercial links for buying a left handed peeler.

I think the reason why there are no more search results is that almost all julienne peelers can be used left and right. But there are ergonomic handgrips especially for left handed people.

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Infographic - The art of Julienning - how to make julienne
julienne peeler quote
julienne peeler christmas gift

Top 3 useful kitchen holiday gifts

We have the same question every year “What to give to your loved ones”. Wouldn’t be nice to give something practical that speeds up prepping your food?

julienne peeler christmas gift

1. Julienne peeler

If you have a fixed budget like me this nifty little utensil is the perfect gift. All my sisters and brothers in law have to draw each year names and we buy each other little gifts under 10 dolars. And I know that my sister for whom I have to buy a gift hasn’t a julienne peeler. So the perfect gift I would think. This (Precision Kitchenware) peeler I prefer. It’s stainless steel and it has to functions – peeling and julienning.

2. Noodle maker

 If you are search for an awesome gift for your vegetarian friend. Why not a noodle maker? Not a pasta noodle maker but a vegetable noodle maker. So you can replace your pasta (carbs) with zucchini, cucumber or sweet potato noodles. On Amazon you can find lots of great spiralizers. You can add an extra to your gift, Maybe wrap it separately. It’s always fun to receive many presents. For example a noodle cookbook.

julienne noodle cookbook

3. Mandoline

It sounds old-fashioned and maybe it is, but it is so versatile. By switching the blades you can change the function of your mandoline. Some have five or more functions – slicer for slicing, grating, shredding, and juicing. If you want to buy one, make sure you buy quality. There are many mandoline’s that are of poor quality.

Norpro Mandoline Slicer Grater with Guard

julienne peeler salade save live

Three reasons why this kitchen utensil can save your live

What about that, a kitchen utensil that may save your live. Not really save lives, but indirectly it could. Three reasons how a julienne Peeler can help your health and therefor save your live.

julienne peeler salade save live

1. Eat more vegetables

On the site of CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention) you can calculate how much vegetables and fruits you have to eat each day. The measuring unit for food quantity are cups. On this site you can see pictures of a cup of vegetables or fruits. This way you can get a feel how much is in a cup.

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3 steps infographic to make parsnip julienne