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Check out our collection of the most beautiful picture of julienne peelers, recipes and creative julienne ideas.

We good start a picture library on julienne peeler.info but Pinterest is the beter choose. More content (repins) and a big community.

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In this collection you can find julienne peeler of all types and sizes. Old ones, new ones, big and small ones.

julienne peeler pinterest pictures

Here you can find the most beautiful recipes based on julienne. Explosions of colors, crisp greenredyellow – purple – colors. 

julienne recipes pinterest pictures

Did you have you ever heard of a julienne handbag or stuffed olive with julienne. Are maybe you want to know how to conserve julienne carrots in jars?

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The history of the word julienne

The origin of this word is lost in the dark past or not?

Vegetables for julienne soup are always cut into fine strips. This is a tradition that has always existed. If someone says julienne cut, it means cutting vegetables such as those in julienne soups. The term is derived of julienne soup. In julienne soup should always be sorrel! This is typical for this soup. Dr. Roques, a great gastronome said: “Certes, vôtre julienne serait manquée, si l’on y avait l’oublié oseille”. Here is the key to the unveiling of the word julienne. Continue reading

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