Top 10 Valentine’s Day kitchen gifts 2016

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Every year the same old question “What to gif to your loved one”. Does he or she loves to cook? Why not a kitchen gift?

These are the top 10 kitchen gifts for 2016 for Valentine’s Day, enjoy!

Two small remarks,

  1. I made this list myself and is based upon the things I like and think are of real value, not another gadget that will be used ones and to store in your kitchen draw. But a simple and functional kitchen utensil that speeds up your food prepping.
  2. All links that you find are affiliation links, this means if you click on the link and you decide to buy the item, a very small portion is given to me. I use this small income to pay for the hosting for this website. If you don’t want to do this. Just go direct to Amazon and search for item and click buy.

So lets start to list my 10 favorite Valentine’s Day kitchen gifts.

#1 The Amazing Egg slicer

Kidding it’s not that amazing, but it does the job. This morning I had an hard boiled egg sandwich and normally (to save time) I just try to slice my egg with a sharp knife. Yes to save time, but it turns always into a messy fight between me a the egg. So I remembered that we had a Egg slicer.

The advantages are obvious. Nice equal slices that don’t fall apart. The egg-joke stays nice in the middle and doesn’t crumble and it’s easy to clean. But above all super fast. Also the slices are super thin.

egg slicer wedger piercer

The one that I have is the “Egg Slicer Wedger Piercer” three in one. First function is to pierce the egg before you boil it. This prevents your eggs to crack during cooking.

After you removed the shell you can utilize the second or the third function. I said OR because in life you have to make choices. 

In this case wedges or slices. Slices are ideal for making tasty sandwiches and the wedges are more decorative to put in salads.

To clean the egg slicer just hold it under streaming water.

Golden tip: What about mushrooms? Yes It works also and also for small tomato’s.

#2 The amazing 4-Sided Boxed Grater

Everyone has to have a box grater in his or here kitchen. Also known as the clock grater because it has a cow bell (clock) resembles. I use my for one thing only and that is Parmesan cheese grating. Your own fresh grated cheese is a million times better than the pre-grated kind. You know what cheese you get and that there no fillers like cellulose (yes this is WOOD PULP).

4-Sided Boxed Grater

Besides cheese, vegetables are also great to grate. Carrots, pumpkins, cucumbers, parsnips, turnips, … the list goes on and on.

There is one disadvantage and that’s the size. It takes up a fair amount of space. But the size is also an advantage when it comes to cleaning. You easily can reach inside to clean the box grater. But be careful not to harm yourself.

A second advantage is sturdiness. You can work fast and save

#3 Small Sharp knife

Sounds to easy for this list but it isn’t. You can have hundreds of knifes in your kitchen but a small super sharp knife is the workhorse of the kitchen. They say the sharper the knife the less accidents you will encounter. And that’s all true a blunt knife causes injuries. The reason is the multi cuts that you have to make instead of one. More cuts is equal to more chances you cut you self.

So now you know … A razor-sharp knife is a save knife

Ok we need a sharp knife that stays sharp. My first choice is a German made blade. Germans are known for there excellent craftsmanship. The knife is named Windmuehlenmesser (windmill blade).

I’ts not cheap but it’s handcrafted and hand-finished. The company makes carbon steal knifes since 1872.

Klassiker, groß Rotbuche