Another day another gadget – The Carrot Curler

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Do you know the feeling when you look in you kitchen drawer and see dozens of unused gadgets?

Great news I found an other one for you unused gadget collection. Now for real, I think this gadget my excited you. I hope that the easy carrot curler doesn’t gather dust.


How it works

If you can sharp a pencil you can use this gadget.

  • You need a straigh uniform carrot
  • Clean you carrot very well
  • slide the carrot in the gadget
  • Hold the gadget firm in one hand and turn the carrot with the other hand.
  • done

You can make short ones as displayed in de movie bellow or you can make large carrot shavings and use it as a sandwich condiment.

The result – good or bad?

To be honest I didn’t try it myself. But what I can see on the movie bellow, it works very easy with a nice result.

So for me a dumps up.


carrot-curlerThe movie

Check out the demonstration.