Top 3 julienne fruits you won’t suspect

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Yes, you also can make julienne peelings from fruits.

A few moths ago a have written an article “Top 5 julienne vegetables you won’t suspect”. Now it’s time for some unlikely fruits that are perfect for making julienne.

Which fruits to recommend?

There are a few things to keep in mind. For example they have to be quite hard. You also better take the less juicy ones. And if you want skin peelings you need fruits with a thick skin.


You take a banana and hold it firmly in one hand, with the other hand …. No just joking, you can’t make julienne from a banana. But the following fruits are ideal for the job.

1 . . . Citrus fruits

All the fruits of the citrus family qualify. You can use Oranges, Citrons or Lemons. Of course we are talking about the skin and not the orange flesh.

Why should you make peelings form a citrus? Orange zest is common used as flavoring. But the thicker julienne could be tart. But what do you think about using the skin for decoration on top of a dish or cocktails.

We suggest the 1Easylife Stainless Steel Lemon Zester Grater. Picture bellow.

1Easylife Stainless Steel Lemon Zester Grater with Channel Knife and Hanging Loop

But my favorite way of using them is making candy. You can boil them in sugar water. Afterwards they have to dry and they ready to use. You can eat them like this or use the julienne candy stripes as decoration on tarts, cakes and other sweet dishes.

2 Apples are great for making julienne

When you are making julienne strips from apples always use firm apples. My first pick are the sour green variety. Because I love a little acidity in my salads. the green contrast make the other fruits pop. But they are also great in a vegetable salad.

The easiest way to make julienne of apples is to slice them in two and start making julienne. If you like you can leave the skin. This gives a nice sharp green contrast with the rest.


3 Mango’s – where is the party?

One of my favorite! Don’t go to soft, you need firm mango’s. You can use it almost every dish, especially in exotic dishes.

The yellow color brights up every meal. My favorite? A cold salad with cucumber julienne, red onion strips, Whole wheat pasta, white beans and raw organic cashews.

Just mix the ingredients up and drizzle some home made hummus over the top.

You can add carrot julienne but I’m allergic so no carrots for me.