What is a julienne peeler

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I’don’t know if you noticed but this site is all about julienne peelers. But until now I haven’t written a post about the julienne peeler it self. Yes, I have written many articles about julienne recipes and reviews about julienne peelers but not about the utensil it self.



First and for most what is a julienne peeler

Julienning is an culinary knife cut technic learned in chef schools. We understand under the art of julienning the following: cutting vegetables into long thin strips, similar to matchsticks. The perfect julienne cut measures ⅛ x ⅛ x 1 to 2 in (3 mm x 3 mm x 3 to 5 cm). The technic most of the time applied on vegetables but can also be applied on meat, fish, fruits. When it comes to julienne peelers I wouldn’t julienne meat or fish but only vegetables and some fruits.

Peelers come in all sizes and forms. You have all kind of peelers. The kitchen tool consists of a  metal blade attached to a handle that is used for skinning vegetables or for julienning or for make slices. On potato peelers you sometimes can find a paring knife. The difference between a normal knife and a peeler is that a peeler has two blades. One to cut the skin and one to prevent of cutting to deep.


What to watch out for when buying a peeler

This can differ from person to person. You need to know what is important for you when using a julienne peeler. Here follows a list of features and qualities a peeler can have.

  • Quality of grip
    • Is the handle made of tainless steal or plastic
    • Has it an ergonomic handle
    • Has it an anti slip handle
  • Multi purpose or only one use (some peelers have two or three functions)
    • julienning
    • peeling
    • making slices
  • Quality of the blades
  • Pricing
  • Is it dishwater proof
  • Is it easy to clean
  • Do’s it has a safety cape
  • Are you left are tight handed?
  • Can you use the peeler in two directions? This is very important when you are used to peel in a certain direction especially when you are left are right handed.
  • Which color do you like.

As you can imagine, it’s a smal kitchen tool but you have lot to think and choose about. It differs from person to person. Are you a chef or a house mom or dad. How many times are you going to use the julienne peeler? Are you making lots of julienne or ones in a month.

Maybe a mandolin or an electric kitchen add is beter for you. It all depends on how often you make julienne and how many.

My top three julienne peelers