Where can I buy a julienne peeler

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Where can I buy a julienne peeler? I had the same question. I didn’t want to buy online. So I searched store after store. It seems that a Julienne peeler is hard to come by if you are searching for it. But eventually I found one. It was the Rösle Julienne peeler. Rather expensive but a very good one.

So I ask myself what are the different options for buying a Julienne Peeler and maybe this will also be interesting for other people. So here we go.


Online buying

Although I was reluctant to buy online, the benefits for buying online change my opinion. The biggest benefit is the easy way to compare different prices in different online stores.

An other great benefit are the reviews of people who actually bought the peeler. Some julienne peelers have over 300 reviews from people who use the kitchen utensil every day. These reviews are golden for a buyers like you and me. Based on these reviews you can decide if the peeler is a perfect match for you.

An other benefit besides to the price comparison and the reviews are the extensive description. If you take the Precision Kitchenware peeler for example you can see that the description is very complete. And certainly more extensive than you would find on a packaging in a department store.

The last benefit I want to mention is the possibility to research the product online. Read reviews, ask questions on forums or watch review videos on Youtube. The possibilities to research the product are endless. Now I think about it, this also good be a disadvantage. Making a decision could be difficult with all that information online.

5 tips for buying online


  •  Use Familiar Websites, Start at a trusted site rather than shopping with a search engine. Search engines are good for research but when it comes to buying choose one you now. For example Amazon.
  • Look for the Lock, the lock is a sign that all transactions are encrypted. With other words, other people can’t see you your payment details and they can’t abuse your information
  • Decide if you want to buy one or a set, sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a set. For example, a julienne peeler and a normal vegetable peeler and maybe a kitchen knife. But if you won’t a high standard julienne peeler I recommend to buy it separately.
  • Quality and finishing,  ask your self “how many times am I going the use the peeler” and am I going to julienne lots and lots of vegetable all in ones?” Maybe A julienne peeler is not a good fit and a mandolin is better or an kitchen robot with the right blades that can maken julienne cut vegetables.
  • Look for promotions, Don’t buy the first one you find, do your research, compare prices, find out if there are extra’s (bundle sales) and last but not least watch out for sales and save money.

julienne peelers on sale - how to buy a julienne peeler



And than there is traditional brick and mortar store

Many big department stores like

where to buy a julienne peeler

have a kitchen department. Nine out of ten you can find a julienne peeler. The assortment differs between stores. Sometimes you can choose out of ten different peelers. But very often the choose is limited to one or two peelers.

Advantages of a traditional store

  • You can hold the peeler in your hand. Feel if it’s a perfect fit
  • You can also better judge if the quality is up to standard
  • You can easily return or swap the product


  • You can’t compare prices from different stores
  • Choose is sometimes limited
  • You have to drive to a store.