What is better a julienne peeler or spiralizer?

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Julienne peeler versus The Spiralizer, which one is the best and wins the battle?

Actually they are both very different utensils with different functions and accompanying result. So lets compare the two bases on function – result – ease-of-use

First up is functionality

The julienne peeler as the word already states is a peeler that makes julienne. The julienne are short and straight an less bendy. The Spiralizer makes long noodles and I call them Vegetable spaghetti. They both use sharp blades that cut into the greens.

With the julienne peeler you can cut most everything that has a quite hard. For example carrots, parsnip, pumpkins, … And size doesn’t matter. But with the spiralizer size does matter. Because you have to put the vegetable inside the device. So you have to pick out cylinder-like greens that are not to big or you have to cut your own cylinders. And that takes up time, while the spiralizer suppose to be a time-saver.

Second, The result

The outcome is very different as you can see for your self. If you won’t fine vegetables for in a salad ore soup or just as a side dish you better go with the julienne peeler. If you are making a healthy spaghetti or a nice stir fry you may prefer the good old spiralizer.


And last, Ease-of-use

They are both very easy to use. But when it comes to cleaning I rather choose the julienne peeler above the other one. I also find the peeler slightly easier to use. Because it’s a simple tool you can’t do much wrong. And I think in the long run the peeler will survive the spiralizer.


I tend to the julienne peeler because of it’s so versatile. And I have simply more experience with the peeler. These are my two favorite julienne peelers on this moment.