How to use a julienne peeler – instructions

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Why an article about “How to use a julienne peeler”. It’s so easy I don’t need any instruction for something like this you might say. But I know from experience that it can be tricky sometimes. Thats why this post covers all aspects of using a julienne peeler.

Step 1 prepare your vegetables

Wash and prepare your vegetables. If you are working with carrots, first peel them and cut the ends off. If you like short julienne strips, cut the carrot in two. If you use cucumber you can choose to leaf the skin on or peel the the cucumber. I prefer with skin because this gives a better texture and color.

Step 2 Choose the correct tool for the job

Every job deserves the right tool. The result be better and above all quicker. Think before you start what result you want. Do you want short matchsticks or long noodles. For the first result a standard julienne peeler will do the trick. For the second one you better use a Spiralizer.

Step 3 The art of julienning

The art of julienning is not to cut in your own fingers. Grab the vegetable firmly and tuck your fingers away so you don’t cut your self. Place the julienne peeler at a 45-degree angle at the top of the vegetable and press down while sliding to the bottom. Repeat this several times. I find it convenient to turn the green after avery five repetitions.

I don’t grate the entire vegetable because in the end the vegetable is to small to hold it safely. I cut the leftovers in small pieces and I use them in stews. Also cucumbers tend to be watery in the middle. You can use the leftovers in salads.

Step 4 Vegetable Aftercare

Now you have a nice pile of thinly sliced greens. But because they contain lots of water. The trick is to pat them dry so they won’t stick together. BUT sometimes you need sticky vegetables. One example is potatoes to make rostis (check here for the recipe).

Step 5 conserve your veggies

I recommend to use your julienne immediately if possible, fresher is better. If your are doning your prepping in the morning to save time in the evening when you actually start cooking, I would store the julienne in the refrigerator inside a tupperware box wraped in a damp kitchen towel.

If there is a possibility of discoloration, for example eggplant . I would sprinkle some lemon juice to prevent discoloration.

Step 6 Clean up time

Clean your peeler thoroughly. This means every piece between each teeth has to be removed. I find a toothpick very helpful for this job. Please don’t be lazy because hygiene is very important in the kitchen. Some peelers can be washed in the dishwasher. Best check your manual before you place your kitchen tool in the dishwasher.