Julienned pepper made with a julienne peeler, can it be done?

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Is it possible? Making julienne from peppers with a julienne peeler?

I can tell you, it’s possible. Using a peeler instead of making julienne with a knife hase it’s advantages and also it’s disadvantages.

tri color pepers julienne


  • The julienne are finer than cut with a knife. Ideal for decorating appetizers or an entre. More about that in the next article.
  • They cook faster and dissolve al little in the dish.
  • They are better digested because they are so thin. Especially with peppers, they can weigh heavily on stomach because of the pepper peel.


  • It is more messy because of juice dripping out of the peelings.
  • If you like your julienne a little big thicker for example to make a stir fry this is not a good option. Better use a knife to make thicker julienne.

Good practice

For a colorful result take tree peppers yellow, red and green. Wash them very good because aren’t removing the peel.

After cleaning, cut them in half but don’t cut into the stam. Break the pepper in two en remove the seeds. For me it’s the easiest way, because you don’t have to fiddle with seeds that are left behind.

Cut the top and the bottom of the pepper. This way it’s easier to make clean peel cuts. Don’t trough the leftovers away. They are perfect to add to a stew.


Now start using your julienne peeler. It’s a bit messy but the result is beter then expected.


julienned-pepper-three-colorYou can add them to many dishes, this evening I have added them to a paella. It adds volume and no need to say that it makes the dish healthier.